Premium care combined from nature and science

We are not satisfied until we can offer you the very best. That is why at SOFRI, research and development never stop.

Our products contain plant extracts of the very highest quality and natural organic substances that are obtained biotechnologically. We combine the vitality of nature with resources from science. The ingredients in our products are chosen on the basis of their purity, naturalness, effectiveness, tolerance and energy potential. The textures of the individual care products are deliberately all formulated differently in order to fulfil the various requirements of the skin.

This you can rely on:

  • The best innovative compositions, developed and tested by experienced natural scientists and dermatologists.
  • Our cosmetics are free from
    • parabens
    • mineral oils and derivatives
    • microplastics
    • genetically modified materials
    • aluminium salts
    • animal cell materials
    SOFRI without
  • Our products are mostly biologically degradable.

We respect nature and her resources. This also means that we do not test our products on animals.

Our vegan products are each identified by this symbol:

SOFRI 100% Vegan
SOFRI Philosophy