Ancient knowledge for a new era in skincare

The understanding of the associations between body, mind and soul and our knowledge of nature’s own energy are combined in the SOFRI brand with a holistic concept for beauty care, harmony and well-being. Sonja Fritz provided the foundation stone for this understanding when she trained as a CIDESCO holistic cosmetologist in England, and today she passes her knowledge on to SOFRI Studios all over the world. That is why the SOFRI Studios offer you individual face and body treatments that are tailored specifically to your requirements. The treatments are a combination of loving, respectful touch and professional care with energy work.


We deliberately utilise the energy potential of plants, gems and colours in the compositions of the SOFRI products, thereby creating individually matched and balanced synergies. The products in the Color Energy line are proven to raise the energy level in accordance with the principles of colour energy-based chakra teachings.


SOFRI not only touches and beautifies your skin, but also the very core of you. Our consistant aim is to harmonise body, mind and soul. When these 3 levels are in balance, we are feeling well and our skin is glowing.


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