Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Questions regarding my order:

From which country can I place an order?

You may order from the following countries: Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Romania and Great Britain.


How will my order be despatched? How long will the delivery take?

Our parcels are despatched with GLS and should reach you within 2 to 5 working days.


Where is my order?

We will gladly ascertain the whereabouts of your parcel.Please send us an email to: headoffice[at]sofri.com or phone us on: Tel: +43 (0)1 8927567 – 13


Can I purchase gift vouchers?

SOFRI offers Webshop-Vouchers in a gift presentation box for amounts of € 25, € 50 and € 100 as a direct download.


How much postage must I pay?

If your order value is above € 25,00 no delivery fees will be charged. For order amounts of less than € 25,00 we charge delivery costs amounting to € 8,40 within Austria and Germany and for delivery to all other countries an amount of € 11,00 will be levied.


Which methods of payment are available?

We offer: direct deposit, pre-payment, PayPal, Visa and Master Card. In Austria and Germany COD deliveries are possible. COD charges in Austria amount to € 4,90 and in Germany € 16,00 would be due.


I could not complete my order process. What do I do?

For problems experienced during the order process kindly contact headoffice[at]sofri.com. We will attempt to rectify the problem as soon as possible.


Is it secure to order via the Internet?

Yes. We make use of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for each transaction to ensure that every order is securely transacted. SSL encrypts transfers from our E-commerce server, as well as from your computer.


I am dissatisfied with my purchases. Can I return the goods?

You have the right to cancel your purchase agreement within 14 days - under the proviso that the products are returned to us unopened and in the original packaging. In the event of a refund or complaint kindly contact us at headoffice[at]sofri.com or telephonically on +43 (0)1 8927567 – 13.


How do I find out about new products or special offers?

Subscribe to our Newsletter – here you learn about new developments and special offers. Or follow us on to be abreast with new developments and receive tips on our products.





How do I cleanse my skin properly?

Apply cleansing gel or milk to your face and neck every morning and evening by emulsifying it with lukewarm water. For a deep cleanse we suggest the use of a rotating brush. Thereafter thoroughly wash off with water and use a toner to restore the pH balance of your skin.


How do I apply moisturizer properly?

Initially apply a serum, gel or concentrate evenly to the face, neck and décolleté and gently pat it in. Thereafter apply the eye care (gel or cream) around the eye and gently pat from inside to the outside. Thereafter massage in the relevant moisturizer. Remember the neck and décolleté!


What can be the reason for a taut skin?

Depending on your skin type you either require a richer cream or more moisture or in some cases both.


From which age do I need to start with eye care and why?

A gentle ageing process starts around 25 years of age. From this age you should consider using eye care products to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.


Which eye care is right for me – gel or cream?

Eye gels seem to be lighter and fresher on the skin and have a pleasant moisturizing effect. If you prefer smooth textures, you might use an eye cream. Eye creams are nourishing and regenerating and bestow a silky feeling on the skin.


How often do I need to use a peeling?

At least once a week – more often if you have an impure or oily skin.


Which peeling is right for me?

An enzyme peel is right for any skin type, gently removing dead skin cells. Cream peelings, ideally applied with a rotating brush, are recommended for an impure or large-pored skin. Fruit acid peels are often used to loosen strong calluses and improve scars. Very dry or even impure skin benefits from this peeling.


From which age do wrinkles form?

The skin starts to age from about 25 years of age. At this time the first fine lines appear if the skin lacks moisture. Then it is imperative to start with prevention by using the appropriate products!.


Should men use the same products as women?

Yes, - the skin of men can also be sensitive, dry or oily and requires the application of appropriate products. Men however generally prefer a product with a lighter textured.


Do I need sun protection in spring?

Yes! Sallow winter skin is particularly delicate and hence requires sun protection in preparation for summer. During March the sun can easily damage our skin. For this reason we should carefully protect our „sun terrace“ (forehead, nose, décolleté).


Does the skin require different care in summer to winter?

Yes. The skin requires more moisture during summer. You should therefore aim for products with lighter textures that cater for a fresh, clear complexion. During the winter the skin is happier with a richer formula that protects against the cold and simultaneously strengthens the skin. When going on holiday to a different climate zone, remember to take the appropriate moisturizer (long distance travel in winter).


How often do I need to go to an aesthetician?

Regular visits to an aesthetician are recommended every 3 – 6 weeks depending on your skin type. Biannual spa treatments are recommended as a preventative measure and to maintain a clear, fresh and firm complexion.




Additional care:

When does my skin require an ampoule treatment?

Ampoules should always be used when the skin calls for instant results. Alternatively they can be used as a regular spa treatment if the skin is stressed. Ampoules are genuine all-rounders: they clear impure skin, can calm sensitive skin, have a long-lasting moisturizing effect on dry skin and have a relaxing effect on stressed skin.


Why should I use a serum, concentrate or gel?

Serums, concentrates and gels are applied before application of the moisturizer. All three products are renowned for their high concentration of ingredients and light textures. These can penetrate quickly in to the deeper layers of the skin to unfold their special properties such as long-lasting moisture, reduction of wrinkles, strengthening of the skin’s barrier, reduction of pigmentation or large pores.


Which facial masks are available?

There are facial masks, which cleanse intensively, clear the complexion and refresh. After cleansing they are washed off. Masks that regenerate the skin are also washed off after use. Cream masks that intensively moisturize, calm and nourish the skin may be massaged in to the skin after a short period as an intensive treatment. They stay on the skin. A mask should be applied 1 – 2 per week depending on the skin type and requirements.


Is the Needling Roller suitable for me?

Micro Needling with color light is a method related to mesoporation and is used in combination with anti-aging treatments. A fine-needled roller stimulates collagen synthesis minimal invasively. This stimulation increases collagen production allowing the skin to become more elastic. Generally speaking the Needling Roller is suitable for all skin types.


When do I use the SOFRI Color Sonic unit?

It is best to carry out a weekly beauty treatment. The SOFRI Color Sonic unit is ideally suited to reduce existing fine lines visibly and to slow down the aging process of the skin. It offers quick assistance with an immediately visible result!




SOFRI Products:

How do I see which ingredients are contained in the products?

All ingredients are listed on the packaging.


Do SOFRI products contain mineral oils?



Do SOFRI products contain parabens?



Are SOFRI products vegan?

Largely yes, our vegan products are each identified by a “Vegan”-symbol.


Does SOFRI carry out tests on animals?

Of course not.


What´s the meaning of Color Energy?

Color Energy means that we do not merely utilize highly effective phyto substances for optimal care of the skin, but also make use of color energies for the benefit of our customers. Color energies have an effect on body, mind and soul. The eye absorbs the different colors of the packaging; the skin absorbs the colors of the plants. Daily use will strengthen your awareness that color has a positive effect on our lives.


Do I use all the products of one color in the Color Energy Line?

No, the products must be individually co-ordinated with each other and suited to you personally. A specific color might be important and must be given preference, depending on your current life situation. Based on your skin’s current needs or your skin problems additional colors are required to complement your needs – from this your very own SOFRI Color Energy Mosaic is made up.


Who can give me advice on SOFRI products?

Comprehensive advice can be obtained from your SOFRI aesthetician and on our website SOFRI@HOME.


What is special about SOFRI Grape Cell Rah?

Products of the Grape Cell Rah line protect against free radicals (e.g. stress, sun and computer smog). They regenerate and moisturize the skin with stem cells obtained from red grapes. Pigmentation is reduced and the resistance of the skin is strengthened.


When do I use SOFRI White Tea products?

The SOFRI White Tea line was specifically developed for sensitive skin. The White Tea in the products naturally balances the skin and supports the protective function against damaging environmental influences.


When do I use SOFRI Color Energy Stem-Cell products?

These products are recommended for a demanding skin as preventative care against aging to maintain an optimal skin condition.


Which effect do crystals have on cosmetics?

Crystals are one of the best holistic substances in nature. The micro-fine particles in crystals like ruby, amber, citrine, tourmaline, sapphire, amethyst and clear quartz contain precious minerals that intensify the effect of the ingredients.


Does dry skin need a rich moisturizer or rather one with a high moisturizing content?

Basically a dry skin needs both, however with increasing age the demand for a richer product increases.