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The combination of colors & fragrances – for more beauty and well-being

Based on SOFRI's Philosophy of colors and chakras (energy centres), we have combined a number of specific pure, natural essential oils in seven different synergies. Each of the seven synergies corresponds to the relevant color effect, and supports the statement of the particular colour. Used in combination with other SOFRI Color Energy products, they penetrate the skin more easily and are able to develop even more effectively. Single drops of the Color Energy Arome can be added to creams and body lotions and mixed on the palm of the hand. The combination allows ingredients to penetrate the skin easier and more effectively. Each of the seven Aromes has a specific effect on the skin, body and mind.

SOFRI has also developed 3 Color Energy Waterome that develop their relaxing, activating or refreshing effects on the body and spirit in the bath, under the shower or in the sauna.

Natural essential oils always work holistically. They support the skin's functions, activate our circulation, can detoxify the body, and provide physical and mental balance and complete well-being. The oils are formed in highly complex procedures during the life cycle of the plant under the influence of the sun's energy. These precious essences are obtained from the plant, or its components, by extensive distillation, carried out gently and respectfully. They are quite rightly referred to as the "souls of the plants".

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