Incense culture for body, mind and soul

Thousands of years of tradition given a new spirit

The origins of incense date back thousands of years. Even the ancient advanced civilisations used incense. They used it to carry out rituals, support medical treatments and make sacrifices to their gods.

Today the ancient tradition of incense burning is still very much alive. Scientific research proves the significance of scents on our feelings and memories.

“We can close our eyes but we cannot escape from smells”.

Burning incense involves a mix of herbs, roots, seeds, husks, fruits, barks, blossoms, leaves or resin being incinerated over a fire. The precious essential scents, the soul of the plants, are released.

The smoke embodies the aspect of transformation and change. The incense burning process can be used with various themes, wishes, emotions and situations to increase awareness, accompany them and make them easier to process.

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