Sustainability & responsibility

Sustainability is an important topic in our company, which we already implement and live in many points:

  • The importance of the traceability of the raw material and the use of raw materials that come from new sources is important to us. It is important to us to use environmentally friendly, renewable and mostly ECO certified raw materials.
  • We are increasingly buying mass balance raw materials that have been converted by suppliers (importance of resource efficiency, renewable raw materials).
  • Fair trade is important to us. Therefore, when selecting our suppliers, we make sure that they sell fair trade raw materials or those with other certificates.
  • Social sustainability as a topic means recognizing and maintaining the connection between ecological sustainability and social activities. This includes equal opportunities, social integration of vulnerable people and fair trade. We give people with disabilities a chance, but pupils and students can also familiarize themselves with their professional lives.
  • We refrain from animal testing.
  • We do not use plastic bags.
  • We pack our ready-to-ship products to customers with environmentally friendly paper.
  • All raw materials are constantly checked for environmental indicators.
  • Our product range is 90% vegan - every vegan product is labeled accordingly.
  • We no longer have cellophane treatments.
  • We work with solar power in our production.
  • We use ECO certified raw materials.