Color Energy Relaxing Massage Candle

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I am the Color Energy Relaxing Massage Candle (140 g), a cosmetic candle that has a delicate fragrance after lighting up. I reminiscent of lavender fields and relax your senses. My wax becomes a warm, pleasant oil that provides your skin with particularly nourishing care. A massage with me on gentle hands will release tension and blockages. Ideal as a partner pampering massage!

   For a feel-good & sensual massage
   Particularly rich, skin-friendly, caring body oil
   Noble glass container, with colored cardboard lid
   Without animal testing
   Developed and produced in France
   Contents: 150 ml
   Dimensions: diameter approx. 7 cm, height approx. 8 cm
   For 11 to 14 applications
   Can also be used as a room scent



soja oil

coconut oil


bee's wax

• For every skin type: Intensive care with vegetable oils is good for every skin.

Effect on the skin
Effect on the skin

VIOLET WHITE is regenerating, relaxing and firming

Effect on the body
Effect on the body

VIOLET WHITE is strengthening muscles and nerves, neutralizing headaches

Effect on the psyche
Effect on the psyche

VIOLET WHITE is promoting spirituality, increasing concentration, supportive at decision-making

Properly used with our step-by-step beauty ritual

Experience the effect with correct, regular use.

Step 1:
Step 1:

Light the candle on the wick as usual. After about 5 to 10 minutes, the wax melts to a pleasant, warm oil.

Step 2:
Step 2:

Even the delicately flickering light and the special fragrance give the room a pleasant atmosphere.

Step 3:
Step 3:

Carefully check the temperature of the oil before using the wonderful warm oil as a personal care oil or doing a massage with it. Then we recommend extinguishing the candle, letting it cool down and, to keep the scent longer, resealing it with the original lid.

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