Color Energy Waterome Activating Synergy

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I am a water soluble, phyto essential oil synergy of highest purity and quality. You can add me to your bath or use me undiluted to your shower or sauna. I have an activating and detoxing effect on your metabolism. With me you target cellulite. Your circulation and fat burning are stimulated.

essential oils of:

atlas cedar


litsea cubeba

lemon balm

ylang ylang


sweet orange

• Cellulite: Orange peel is noticeable due to unsightly dents on the hips and thighs and is persistent

• Weak connective tissue: makes itself felt on the inner thighs and upper arms, hips and abdomen through loss of elasticity and loose, sagging skin

• Dry flaky skin: suffers from lack of fat and moisture; feels rough and brittle; tense, scaly and can cause itching; tends to wrinkle

Effect on the skin
Effect on the skin

RED is activating, stimulating, blood circulation, strengthening, protective

Effect on the body
Effect on the body

RED is vitalizing the heart and circulation, increasing blood pressure, regulating hormone imbalance

Effect on the psyche
Effect on the psyche

RED is encouraging, invigorating, assertive and vital

Properly used with our step-by-step beauty ritual

Experience the effect with correct, regular use.

Application as full bath
Application as full bath

Apply 2 -3 caps directly to the wet body and enjoy a bath at approx. 37 degrees Celsius for 20-30 minutes - then let the body rest.

Application in the shower
Application in the shower

Apply 1/2 cap to clean, damp body skin, then use a SOFRI 3 in One Energy Gel of your choice for a stimulating shower.

Application in Sauna
Application in Sauna

Apply 1:1 cap diluted with water directly to the body, rinse off after the sauna session.

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