Color Energy Basic Fluid

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I strengthen your skin's resilience with my light texture. When it looks tired and dull, I have an activating effect and provide it with new energy. I balance out abnormal pigmentation with vitamin A. If you have used creams containing mineral oil, I can draw any mineral oil residues out of the pores so that your skin is able to breathe again.

Product sample: I am a product sample to test myself on your skin and to ensure a good skin feeling.

vitamin A, C, E and F

phyto squalan


shea butter

dexpanthenol (provitamin B5)

sea buckthorn extract

• Combination skin: is greasy on the forehead, nose and chin; prone to impurities; in contrast to dry skin around the eyes and cheeks

• Sensitive skin: is easily irritated and is quick to respond to external influences with irritation and redness

• Skin with pigment disorders: can be caused by hormonal, age-related changes or sun exposure; is shown by changes in the color of the skin

• Dehydrated skin: is finely pored and sensitive. The skin has dryness lines and feels taut.

• Pre aging: First signs of lines and wrinkles appear on the skin from about the age of 30

Effect on the skin
Effect on the skin

RED is activating, stimulating, blood circulation, strengthening, protective

Effect on the body
Effect on the body

RED is vitalizing the heart and circulation, increasing blood pressure, regulating hormone imbalance

Effect on the psyche
Effect on the psyche

RED is encouraging, invigorating, assertive and vital

Properly used with our step-by-step beauty ritual

Experience the effect with correct, regular use.

1. Step Cleansing
1. Step Cleansing

Apply the appropriate SOFRI cleansing product to face and neck in the morning and evening and massage it into your skin with water. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Put facial toner on a damp cotton pad and thoroughly cleanse and refresh face and neck. You do not need to rinse it off.

2. Step Serum
2. Step Serum

For an even better result, apply moisture serum to your fingertips, and apply it to your face and neck. Then gently pat it in with your fingertips. Do this twice a day, depending on your skin's needs.

3. Step Cream
3. Step Cream

Apply morning and evening to clean skin after a serum. Warm the cream in your hands and apply to the face and neck in a circular motion from bottom to top and massage in gently.

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