Pre Aging

I strengthen your skin's resilience with my light texture. When it looks tired and dull, I have an activating effect and provide it with new energy. I balance out abnormal ...

56,00 EUR
186,67 EUR / 100 ml
Pre Aging

Skin that is sensitive and is showing some slight signs of lines and wrinkles (from about the age of 30).

What makes us special:
guaranteed free of animal testing
color effect on skin and psyche
100% vegan
without mineral oils/parabenes/aluminum

I am the vegan Color Energy Basic Rubin Gel. Underneath your moisturizer or night cream I supply your skin with long lasting moisture and protect the structure of the cells. My ...

59,10 EUR
197,00 EUR / 100 ml

We are the vegan Color Energy Firming Ampoules (7 x 2 ml), a firming and moisturising additional care. Use us under your day- or night-time moisturiser and we will balance out fine ...

30,30 EUR
216,43 EUR / 100 ml

As an extra rich hydro gel I invigorate and moisturize your skin intensively and even out structural damage. My bio-wheat proteins counteract the loss of elasticity and plump up ...

56,50 EUR
188,33 EUR / 100 ml

I am the Color Energy Wonder Mask (30 ml). My refreshing hydro gel with a sensational mix of ingredients visibly smooths and firms the skin instantly with a lasting effect. Tiny ...

45,00 EUR
300,00 EUR / 100 ml

I am a silky cream with the antioxidants vitamin C and Q10 that delays the breakdownof collagen in your skin cells and stimulates the development of new collagen. Your skin ...

41,50 EUR
83,00 EUR / 100 ml

I have a creamy texture that melts in to your skin. I supply your skin with an ingredient package that counteracts changes early on. In this way I energize your skin and protect it ...

55,40 EUR
110,80 EUR / 100 ml

I am the Color Energy Enzym Peeling Gel (30 ml). I gently and effectively free your skin of keratinization and excessive sebum. My mild fruit acids and enzymes clear your skin ...

30,70 EUR
102,33 EUR / 100 ml

I am the Color Energy Pollution Protect gel (30ml). I protect your skin against environmental influences and free radicals, that means I act against dehydration of your skin and ...

57,50 EUR
191,67 EUR / 100 ml

I am the vegan Color Energy Cool Moisture Mask (50ml). I cool and soothe your skin and supply additional, intensive moisture. I am the ideal companion after sport, sauna, swimming ...

45,20 EUR
90,40 EUR / 100 ml
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It's hard to believe, but the skin's collagen and hyaluronic acid production is starting to decline after the age of 20. At age thirty, the first wrinkles appear usually. That is why it is important to activate the natural repair mechanism of the skin with the right ingredients and proper care. Pre-aging is intended to prevent skin aging and to counteract this preventively. Small wrinkles should not become wrinkles, so choosing the right products is crucial to keeping your skin smooth, firm and toned for as long as possible. Care products that protect the skin, moisturize and prevent skin aging are the ideal companions for effective pre-aging.