Pregnancy Care

I am the Color Energy Special Body Lotion (200 ml), an ultra-rich, creamy body lotion that nourishes your dry skin on your whole body and leaves it supple and noticeably smoother. ...

29,90 EUR
149,50 EUR / 1000 ml
Pregnancy Care

These SOFRI products perfectly support you during your pregnancy and provide optimal care in this special time.

What makes us special:
guaranteed free of animal testing
color effect on skin and psyche
100% vegan
without mineral oils/parabenes/aluminum

I am a rich body lotion that cares for your dry skin and firms it. I have an intensive firming effect on your problem areas.

29,00 EUR
145,00 EUR / 1000 ml

I am the Color Energy 3 in One Energy Gel (orange, 200 ml). I firm and smooth your skin when bathing or showering. I smell of apricot and papaya. You can also wash your hair with ...

15,00 EUR
75,00 EUR / 1000 ml

I am a balancing and refreshing cleansing mask. I moisturize your skin, clear and calm it. I furthermore clear your skin of any residual make-up and sebum.

24,80 EUR
49,60 EUR / 100 ml

I am a water-soluble, plant essential oil synergy of the highest purity and quality. You can add me to a bath, or use me pure under the shower or in the sauna. I have a harmonising ...

34,50 EUR
69,00 EUR / 100 ml

I fight cellulite intensively and have a decongesting effect on heavy legs.   Furthermore I have detoxing and vessel strengthening properties. I am pleasantly cooling and ...

32,29 EUR
161,45 EUR / 1000 ml

I am a dietary supplement and with my strong, natural antioxidant Astaxanthin I can cells of the body both inside and outside protect . My Astaxanthin is a ...

42,00 EUR
70,00 EUR / 100 Cap.

I am the Color Energy Harmonizing Massage Candle (140 g), a cosmetic candle. I smell of caramel apple cake and harmonize your senses. My wax becomes a warm, pleasant oil that ...

30,10 EUR
30,10 EUR / 1 Pcs.

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The body has very special requirements during pregnancy. The expanding abdomen and breasts need special care, and facial skin care also often has to be changed as hormonal changes can have a marked effect on the skin. Mothers-to-be often suffer from impure skin or pigment disorders. We recommend products here that go well with the specific requirements of this special time.