The cellulose mask is soaked with high-quality active ingredients such as various peptides, fruit extracts (pomegranate, coconut), witch hazel water, hyaluronic acid and much more ...

14,10 EUR
14,10 EUR / 1 Pcs.

Blue: I calm your skin.Products in the color blue have a cooling, calming and relaxing effect.

What makes us special:
guaranteed free of animal testing
color effect on skin and psyche
100% vegan
without mineral oils/parabenes/aluminum

I am a rich cream that protects and nourishes your skin. I soothe irritations and strengthen your blood vessels. My micronized sapphire-particles contain clay that has been ...

42,00 EUR
84,00 EUR / 100 ml

As a richly textured cream I supply your skin with my blue Vitamin E spheres ensuring long-lasting moisture. I am balancing, calming and nourishing. At the end of the contact time ...

30,10 EUR
60,20 EUR / 100 ml

We are the Color Energy Calming Ampoules (7 x 2 ml), a soothing additional care product that strengthens the blood vessels. Use us under your day- or night-time moisturizer and we ...

30,30 EUR
216,43 EUR / 100 ml

I am a light, gentlly cooling emulsion that cares for your skin and moisturizes it without making it oily. I feel particularly at home on your skin if it is warm outside and when ...

56,00 EUR
112,00 EUR / 100 ml

I am the vegan Color Energy Cool Moisture Mask (50ml). I cool and soothe your skin and supply additional, intensive moisture. I am the ideal companion after sport, sauna, swimming ...

45,20 EUR
90,40 EUR / 100 ml

I have a long-lasting cooling effect on the delicate skin around your eyes. My drainage effect reduces swelling and redness. My metal roller allows an easy application of my hydro ...

42,00 EUR
52,50 EUR / 10 ml

I am the Color Energy 3 in One Energy Gel (blue, 200 ml) that cools and soothes your skin during a bath or a shower. You can also wash your hair with me. I smell like blue flowers ...

15,00 EUR
75,00 EUR / 1000 ml

I am a water soluble, phyto essential oil synergy of highest purity and quality. You can add me to a bath or use me undiluted under a shower. My fragrance sends calming signals to ...

34,50 EUR
69,00 EUR / 100 ml

I am a pure, phyto, essential oil synergy for your personal home wellness. I have a calming and decongesting effect on your skin and strengthen blood vessels. My fragrance sends ...

26,40 EUR
26,40 EUR / 10 ml
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Color Energy Blue - Product Lines | Sofri Shop Austria

We combine the color blue with trust, loyalty and reliability. Blue has a cooling and calming effect on the skin. Blue is also the color of harmony and helps with nervousness, tension and sleep disorders and lowers blood pressure. But the color blue can do even more: it supports our communication skills and stimulates our creativity.SOFRI's blue products soothe, cool and relax the skin. They also help with couperose and are anti-inflammatory.A rich blue cream with ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil, urea, UV filter, natural bisabolol, cornflower extract and dexpanthenol (provitamin B5) protects and nourishes the skin. We also use the energy of the gemstone sapphire.A light, gently cooling emulsion in blue with a moisture complex of black oats, quince extract, hyaluronic acid, pure rutin, jojoba oil, almond oil and a UV filter nourishes and moisturizes the skin without over-greasing it.For the sensitive skin around the eyes there is a light hydrogel with active ingredients such as purple red algae, acetyl tetrapeptides, liposome-encapsulated, low- and high-molecular hyaluronic acid, barley extract, vitamin C from acerola cherry and menthone glycerin acetal, which alleviates swelling and redness.A blue cream mask with vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil, sodium hyaluronate, retinol, natural bisabolol, cornflower extract and hyaluronic acid has a balancing, calming and nourishing effect.Blue ampoules with a glycerin-moisture complex, natural bisabolol, cornflower extract, antioxidant and dexpanthenol (provitamin B5) are a soothing and vaso-strengthening additional care.A blue, cooling face mask with a moisture complex of black oats, quince extract, hyaluronic acid, pure rutin and avocado oil soothes the skin and provides it with intensive moisture.A herbal, essential oil synergy of the color blue contains oils from lavender, niaouli, mastic and geranium. It has a calming and decongesting effect on the skin and strengthens the vessels.The leg lotion in blue has an intensive effect against cellulite and decongestants for heavy legs, as well as purifying and strengthening the blood vessels. It contains menthol, cornflower extract, caffeine, a vitamin complex - SOFRI spheres (liposomes), vegetable oils, butcher's broom extract, horsetail extract and guarana.A blue shower gel with wheat protein building blocks, allantoin, cornflower extract and coconut cools and soothes the skin.A water-soluble, vegetable, essential oil synergy with oils from lavender, niaouli, mastic and geranium decongests the lymph and strengthens the vessels.A blue foot cream for very dry skin on the feet contains evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, royal jelly, allantoin and urea.A blue massage candle pampers you with soybean oil, coconut oil, perfume and beeswax.