We are the Color Energy Activating Ampoules (7 x 2 ml), a toning additonal, vegan care for your skin. Underneath your moisturizer or night cream we strengthen the resistance of ...

31,40 EUR
224,29 EUR / 100 ml

SOFRI specials of the color red have an activating, stimulating, circulation boosting and strengthening effect.

What makes us special:
guaranteed free of animal testing
color effect on skin and psyche
100% vegan
without mineral oils/parabenes/aluminum

We are the Color Energy Anti Age Ampoules (7 x 2 ml), an activating and moisturizing additional care. We provide tired, dull skin with a new radiance and new energy.   ...

37,29 EUR
266,36 EUR / 100 ml

I am the vegan Color Energy Basic Rubin Gel. Underneath your moisturizer or night cream I supply your skin with long lasting moisture and protect the structure of the cells. My ...

59,20 EUR
197,33 EUR / 100 ml

The cellulose mask is soaked with high-quality active ingredients such as various peptides, fruit extracts (pomegranate, coconut), witch hazel water, hyaluronic acid and much more ...

14,10 EUR
14,10 EUR / 1 Pcs.

With multiple effects I am a rich Color Energy Special Lip Care care cream with high-quality, vegetable oils and urea. Panthenol cares for stressed, irritated, dry lips and makes ...


I am the vegan Color Energy Vitalize Me - Arome Kit. My essential oils can give the whole family holistic physical and emotional well-being in various application areas. I consist ...

85,10 EUR
85,10 EUR / 1 Pcs.

I am a pure, phyto, essential oil synergy for your personal home wellness. I have an activating and stimulating effect on your skin and the smell of rosewood signals wellbeing in ...

26,40 EUR
26,40 EUR / 10 ml

I am a revitalizing, regenerating vitamin A mask that is anti-inflammatory, regenerates skin that has been damaged by mineral oil, reduces sun damage (keratoses), clarifies the ...

41,50 EUR
83,00 EUR / 100 ml

I am a dietary supplement and with my strong, natural antioxidant Astaxanthin I can cells of the body both inside and outside protect . My Astaxanthin is a ...

42,00 EUR
70,00 EUR / 100 Cap.

We are 7 different, highly-concentrated active ingredient synergies in ampoules. You can use us to restore your skin's balance and calm your skin's requirements with a one-week ...

43,40 EUR
310,00 EUR / 100 ml
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Specials - Color Energy Red - Product Lines | Sofri Shop Austria

Red: I strengthen your skin! SOFRI specials of the color red have an activativating, stimulating, circulation boosting, strengthening effect and protects against sunburn and pigment disorders.