Cool Moisture

I am a light, gentlly cooling emulsion that cares for your skin and moisturizes it without making it oily. I feel particularly at home on your skin if it is warm outside and when ...

56,00 EUR
112,00 EUR / 100 ml
Cool Moisture
With a fragrant, nourishing and pampering gift from SOFRI, you can make your loved ones happy and create a good mood. We are happy to offer you different gift sets, vouchers or specially selected care products.

I am the vegan Color Energy Cool Moisture Mask (50ml). I cool and soothe your skin and supply additional, intensive moisture. I am the ideal companion after sport, sauna, swimming ...

45,20 EUR
90,40 EUR / 100 ml

I have a long-lasting cooling effect on the delicate skin around your eyes. My drainage effect reduces swelling and redness. My metal roller allows an easy application of my hydro ...

42,00 EUR
52,50 EUR / 10 ml

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