Fruit Acid

I am a set containing pampering Color Energy facial care products especially for demanding skin in handy travel sizes:I contain the gently clarifying Color Energy Cleansing Milk, ...

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Fruit acid
Fruit acids dissolve calluses, prevent inflammation, improve skin moisture and elasticity and ensure plump, smooth, radiant skin.

I am a fresh, light fruit acid gel that refines the appearance of your skin without irritation. I counter hard skin, and encourage your skin's collagen synthesis. You apply me ...

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We are the Grape Cell Rah Fruit Acid Concentrates (5 x 3 ml), a 7% complex of fruit acids from apple, grape, blueberry, lemon and sugar cane. We improve your complexion and skin ...

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Fruit acid | Sofri Shop Austria

New findings in dermatology prove that the horny layer of the skin is far thicker than previously thought. When thickened, it forms an impenetrable barrier so that the active ingredients in our care products cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. A highly effective way to melt the thickened horny layer is to use fruit acids.In order to enable the great effects of fruit acids in at home use, SOFRI has developed the Grape Cell RAH Fruit Acid Concentrates. The strength of various fruit acids is concentrated in each ampoule in a special formulation that works wonders on the skin: The aesthetic appearance and structure of the skin is improved, calluses and sebum deposits are gently released and inflammation of the skin is prevented. It also improves the skin's moisture and elasticity and stimulates collagen formation. The result: The skin shines, is smooth and feels velvety soft! The SOFRI Grape Cell RAH Fruit Acid Concentrates are suitable for all skin types, especially for demanding, dry and flaky skin. The fruity all-rounders reduce wrinkles and fine lines, revitalize dull, poorly perfused skin, support mature skin with pigment changes and keratoses and improve the complexion of impure, sebum-like skin. The fruit acid concentrates from SOFRI also help young, sensitive skin, are ideal for men, especially for skin problems after shaving, and are successfully used in the treatment of scars. Another SOFRI fruit acid product is the Grape Cell RAH Fruit Gel. The Grape Cell RAH Fruit Gel is a fresh, light fruit acid gel that refines the complexion without irritating the skin. It works against cornification and promotes skin collagen synthesis. It is used below day or night care. The Grape Cell RAH Fruit Gel contains grape stem cells, resveratrol, astaxanthin, panthenol, low-molecular hyaluronic acid and a fruit acid complex. It is particularly suitable for blemished and combination skin, but also for dry skin, sensitive skin, pigment-impaired skin and skin with loss of elasticity. The Fruit Gel provides valuable support in pre- and anti-aging care.