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I am a dietary supplement and can elimination of harmful substances from the body support . I'm packed with natural vitamins like B2, B3, B6 , B9, B12 and E ...

32,20 EUR
53,67 EUR / 100 Cap.
Favorites of the month
Favorites of the month are products that our customers have bought most frequently.

The Color Needling Set contains the Meso Color Light Needle Roller that stimulates collagen production with the finest micro needles. It also contains 7 vegan Color Energy Ampoules ...

64,00 EUR
  75,30 EUR 
64,00 EUR / 1 Pcs.

We are the Grape Cell Rah Fruit Acid Concentrates (5 x 3 ml), a 7% complex of fruit acids from apple, grape, blueberry, lemon and sugar cane. We improve your complexion and skin ...

50,20 EUR
334,67 EUR / 100 ml

I am a nutritional supplement. As a basic, enzymatic green food I can healthy intestinal flora provide support. The barley grass contained in me is rich an ...

49,70 EUR
49,70 EUR / 100 g

I am the gift idea for Mother's Day! My lovely heart-shaped box contains 7 different, highly-concentrated active ingredient synergies in ampoules to maintain healthy, supple, fresh ...

43,40 EUR

Favorites of the month | Sofri Shop Austria

Our customers' skin needs change depending on the season and lifestyle. Products that meet these criteria in the respective month are then bought by many customers. These bestsellers are the favorites of the month.