Sofri Depot


The start of a successful future with SOFRI:
  • We offer you the representation of an innovative brand with high growth potential and the support of our headquarters in Vienna
  • Decades of experience in the world of energy theory - colors - chakras - frequencies for skin and psyche
  • Supervision by our trainers on site as well as through our customer service
  • Professional training and workshops to deepen and exchange experiences
  • Advertising support in the form of test samples, carrier bags, vouchers, brochures and much more


SOFRI is much more than a global high-tech luxury premium care combining nature and science. SOFRI has also been proven to have an energetic effect thanks to the coloured Color Energy creams and serums! The goal of SOFRI is to help our customers to have beautifully cared for skin and at the same time improve their well-being. We provide users with the best natural active ingredients, maximum effectiveness and tolerance, from the outside. And from the inside with appropriate nutritional supplements (SOFRI Nutricosmetics) and on an energetic level we provide users with our bio photon discs (SOFRI Color Energy Disc).

SOFRI uses old knowledge for a new period of care!

With its natural dyes and selected premium ingredients, every color care product has an intended effect on the psyche, the energy of humans and of course on the skin. Through the daily use of SOFRI color energy products you can sense a big effect on the skin and on the well-being of people, depending on the color, for example green for harmonizing or red for activating and strengthening!

Because people's needs have changed over time, SOFRI has developed new product lines and, together with researchers and biochemists, has used the best, innovative active ingredients to balance your complexion. The textures of the individual care products are deliberately formulated differently to meet the skin's individual needs.