About Sofri

About us


In 1996, Sonja and Gerhard Fritz combined a unique product and treatment philosophy and created the SOFRI brand. Their vision was and still is to help people achieve lovely, well cared-for skin and improve well-being with a holistic concept. They want to create an awareness of the energies between the person and its environment, and show their customers how they can use and enjoy these energies in their own lives. Their success story began with the Color Energy line. The colours of the creams were chosen carefully and are proven to have an intended effect on the user's mind, energy and, of course, on their skin.


Based on this principle, SOFRI grew into a brand that combines and utilises the strengths of the highest quality raw ingredients and natural energies. Always on the search for the best solution for their customers' requirements, over the years the company has worked with first-class biochemists to develop other product lines such as White Tea and Grape Cell Rah. The Color Energy line was also consistently adapted to the latest requirements and options, for instance in the unique Color Energy Stem-Cell products.


The bandwidth of products and treatments not only includes cosmetics, but also dietary supplements and energy aids such as the Color Energy Discs (biophoton discs) for a person's beauty and quality of life in their entirety!


Sonja & Gerhard Fritz, founders of the SOFRI brand